Trunk to Tale: Hypnotic Stories of Wisdom and Growth

Five mega-tales--nearly eighty minutes--of wisdom and growth told by master storyteller and hypnosis practitioner James Hazlerig. (This is a zip file containing the whole album, five mp3 files.)

This collection includes each of the following:  

The Ox Meditations: Two monks set out to learn enlightenment and meet a beautiful woman on the road. Which one will learn from the encounter? Join master storyteller and hypnotist James Hazlerig as he explores how our thoughts shape our identity.   

Present to Win: This Ericksonian nested loop story focuses on the art of mindfulness, as master storyteller James Hazlerig speaks of Kali, Shiva, the Buddha, strawberries, roses, Aesop, the north wind, the sun, and of course, Las Vegas.   

Nasruddin and the Travelers: Master storyteller James Hazlerig combines three of his favorite legends of Mulla Nasruddin, the wise fool or the foolish wiseman of Sufi lore. What kind of people will he meet in the city?   

Dreams: A child dreams of puzzling things and his grandmother helps him learn what to do, in this enchanting story crafted by master storyteller and hypnotist James Hazlerig. This is based off the famous Cherokee story of the two wolves.  

Tales from an Elephant’s Back: Elephants are at once strong and silly, weak and wise--in this Ericksonian nested loop story, James Hazlerig weaves together a dozen tales of elephants into a hypnotic tapestry that offers fascinating reflections on life. This story has made Hazlerig a legend in the hypnosis community.