Defining a socially conscience organization

Defining a socially conscience organization


Title Slide A socially conscience organization.

Defining a socially conscience organization. By definition these are businesses that follow the law and at the same time engage in socially responsible behavior (Sims, 2003, p. 47). In addition, socially responsible companies deal with their major stakeholders in a responsible manner, when it comes to dealing with the communities where they operate companies strive for transparency so the communities where they operate know what is going on at all times. When it comes to the customers they serve, socially responsible companies place the customer at the center of what they do.  Employees are treated with high standards of ethics, safety, and provided with proper opportunities for development. Lastly, companies invest a lot of efforts in operating in ways in which they cause the least damage to the environment.

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Group Introduction

Group Name The Walmart Corporation

Origins brief story

# Employees 2.3 million associates

Field retailer

Sales amount

Market Position leader

Serves 260 million customers (Walmart Corporation, 2016)

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Mission statement “Saving people money so they can live better.”

Company vision “To be the best retailer in the hearts and minds of consumers and employees.”

Guiding principles “The Walmart Way”

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Translating Mission and Vision into Strategy defining these terms according to Bhandari et al. (2013)

Explain how the mission and vision are translated into strategy using practical examples

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Alignment between managerial tactics and the organization's mission and vision.

Explain how the organization aligns management tactics with Walmart mission and vision statements using principles of the Walmart Way.

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Walmart alignment through Corporate Social Responsibility & Corporate Culture

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Walmart alignment through Personal Ethics & Leadership,

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Walmart alignment through followership & competitive advantage.

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