LEVEL 3 - Display Facebook EVENTS on Website

Source code download in ZIP.

Learn by following our tutorial: 

Experience the live demo:

Features that you will get and learn:

  • Manage events for your Facebook Page and website once

  • Save time figuring out and coding these features on your website

  • Display list of all events

  • Display list of upcoming events

  • Display list of past events

  • Display event cover photo (profile picture if none)

  • Display event title

  • Display event date and time

  • Display event location

  • Display event description

  • Link to actual Facebook event (opens in new tab)

  • Bootstrap UI enabled

  • Responsive layout (great for mobile devices)

  • Free source code updates for 6 months

  • Fast and friendly email support for 6 months

  • Load more events automatically when scrolling

  • Display number of people attending the event

  • Link to profiles of some people attending the event

  • Display event in Google map with pointer

  • Calendar view

  • Responsive calendar view (great for mobile devices)

  • Next Month button navigation

  • Prev Month button navigation

  • Highlight calendar cells with events

  • Calendar cells with events will pop up event info when clicked

  • "See more" and "See less" toggle in event description

  • Share event buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Google)

  • Font awesome icons

  • Link to Google Maps to view full map

  • Tickets Link

  • Object oriented programming.

  • New compact and responsive design. [see demo]

  • Show event details on a modal / pop up.

  • Show event details without refresh.

  • Specify date range by number of months.

Thank you very much for supporting us, we needed your support!

Created by Mike Dalisay, 
Software Developer
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