Let's Get It! Video Magazine ~LGI Broadcast~

The LGI Broadcast has begun, Let’s Get It!

/REMASTERED/ Handcrafted & Tailored glimpse of Blading Cup 2017.

/REMO/ Full Part from a fearless street skating stylist out of Boston.

/serpSYM/ nights of delights

/BPSO/ Boschi Pope Skate Off 2017

/Experimental/ Labor Day Weekend

/SESHindepth/ Go in-depth and learn what it’s like to sesh with Andy Leiterpan Mattamann and the OK boys👌

/Brownsville/ never a frown with golden brown

~Freedom of Consumption~

Folder Contents: 7 Segments +jams +images
Camera: Panasonic HMC150
Format: 720p60p
Size: 2.81 GB .zip file (extract with WinZip or WinRAR)

+Pursuing the ultimate in inline media performance and efficiency+

~Stay Tuned & Enjoy the Ride~

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