IDS 403 Final Project Milestone Two - Final Project Outline

Guidelines and Rubric:

Final Project Outline

Overview and Prompt

For your final presentation, due in Module Eight, you will devise a plan of action for addressing a local or global technology issue of your choice. In Module Three, you will be submitting a presentation outline for this project.

Your assignment is to submit a 2- to 3-page outline of the presentation you will give as part of your final project. Think of it as a script with notes to help add context to the points you will be making. It need not include complete sentences or paragraphs, but it should contain enough detail to allow your instructor to offer you some feedback. While you may organize the outline however you choose, be sure to address the following:

I. Introduction:

For this part of the assessment, you will examine the role of technology in society and how it influences aspects of culture and the individual. You will explore a topic that has been discussed in this course (technology as control, identity, gender, class systems, etc.) to help guide your analysis.

A. Analyze how social practiceshave shaped technology and how technology has begun to shape social practices. In other words, how has technology changed the everyday operations in modern societies?

B. Analyze the influence of technology on society as a force for social change.

C. Analyze how technology has influenced the behaviors and operations of individuals in your discipline of studyor area of interest. In other words, look at the influence of technology through the lens of your discipline.

D. Explain how a topic that has been discussed in this course has or has not shaped our interactions and usage of technologythrough an interdisciplinary lens.

E. Explain the positive and negative aspectsassociated with a topic that has been discussed in this course through an interdisciplinary lens.

F. Using relevant research or diverse perspectives assess how emerging technologies have brought about societal issues.

II. Issue:

For this part of the assessment, you will introduce the issue and how it relates to technology and any of the topics that have been discussed in the course.

A. Using appropriate research strategies, describe a social or global issuethat is related to technology.

1. What is the origin of the issue?

2. What is the issue about?

B. Using appropriate research strategies, describe the target populationof the issue.

1. Who is impacted by the issue?

2. What is important to know about them?

C. Using appropriate research strategies, explain how the chosen issue relates to a topicthat has been discussed in this course.

1. In other words, how can you connect the social or global issue you have chosen with a topic that has been discussed in this course?

2. How does it inform your understanding of the issue?

D. Using relevant research or diverse perspectives assess how the chosen issue is impactingthe target population.

E. Utilizing interdisciplinary approaches, predicthow the chosen issue will change or will not change in the future. Be sure to justify your prediction.

III. Plan:

For this part of the assessment, you will offer recommendations and a plan to improve the issue, and strategies for implementing your plan.

A. Make recommendationsfor how the current issue could be addressed so that it no longer adversely affects the target population.

B. Explain how current technology could be utilized to address the chosen issue.

1. Is there new or updated technology that could be used to address an issue associated with older or outdated technology?

2. Could the technology associated with the chosen issue be utilized in different way(s) to address the issue?

C. Imagine you are in charge of addressing your chosen issue. Explain how you would implementyour plan through an interdisciplinary lens.

D. Explain the benefitsof your plan and justify why your plan would be preferable. Be sure to support your justification with relevant research or individual perspectives.

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