VIP Program for only $30
25% off all future purchases on file, collection,
meshes, textures
VIP for 2 years
One free collection a month with Exclusive Resell Rights
Upon Purchase you will receive 23 collections as a gift
If you already have any of the collections given upon
purchase as a gift i will give Exclusive Resell Rights
if you dont already have it, or will replace the file if
you dont want the resell rights.

Please message me your imvu acct name for records all products are DMCA proteceted.
Benya Collection V2:
Adele Dresses:
Broken Raven Doll:
You Scream Clown:
Autumn Ash Bundle:
Cindy Collection:
Pin Up Frankie:
Rampion Princess:
Pandora Collection:
Zues Collection:
Pure Sweet Collection:
Simple Dress Collection:
BadBitch Collection:
Valley Girl Collection:
Mardi Gras Rio Collection:
Patriotic Princess Collection:
Skate Veronica Collection:
Skate Darby Collection:
Skate Katie Collection:
Carmen Colletion:
New Year's Lacey Collection:
Lace Lingerie Collection:

No sharing, giving for free, or claiming the file as your own.
No Refunds on files.
Monthly VIP Files can be sent at anytime of the month that the file is due.
Must be active customer to continue VIP discount, must purchase at least 2 files within 3 months time.
Please don't message and pressure me on VIP files, I do have a real life that comes first and Health issues. They will be sent out when I'm able to get them out.
I have the rights to change the VIP rules if need be.
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