NTC 247 Week 5 Individual: Week Five Quiz

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 NTC 247 Week 5 Individual: Week Five Quiz

Complete the Week 5 quiz.

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Week Five Quiz





Aesthetics are often a consideration in WLAN site surveys.










When a user has the requirement to stay connected 100% of the time as they move throughout the WLAN coverage area, they are concerned about __________.


Being Mobile






Infrastructure Connectivity






What are some of the issues faced when planning capacity and coverage? (Choose two)






User Density


Facilities Escorts


Application Use






A previous site survey can be of use in future site survey work.










When planning WLAN coverage within a multitenant building, what is the biggest issue to consider?


X10 Cameras




Neighboring WLAN devices


Channel Use






When possible, what should you use to conduct an active survey?


The same equipment as selected for deployment


A blueprint of the building being surveyed


An RF Jammer


The same applications that are to be used in the WLAN






When conducting an outdoor survey for a long distance point-to-point bridge, what should be documented?


Prevailing Winds


Interference sources near endpoints


Clear Channels


All of the Above






When towers are to be used in an outdoor WLAN deployment what information should be gathered?


Local Ordinances


Planned Tower Height


Microwave Oven use


User Density






When conducting a site survey for 5 GHz, what should be documented?


X10 Camera placements


Microwave oven use


Cordless Phone use


Radar use






When conducting manual site surveys, which of the following may be of use to the survey team?


Walkie Talkies?


Digital Cameras?


Sling Cyclometers?


Measuring wheels?