‘Sense of the Sacred’ Coloring Book

Learn to illuminate!

For centuries, the Catholic Church has used art to illuminate the sacred mysteries of the Faith. Now, your child can follow in that tradition by making sacred art with the help of Sense of the Sacred: Coloring Book for Young Illuminators.

This book contains 30 hand-drawn illustrations and accompanying Bible verses, drawing on the rich legacy of statues and stained glass in our Catholic Faith. Enjoy the majesty of Christ, the tenderness of the Blessed Virgin, the power of God, the glory of the Eucharist and the wings of armored Angels.


Introduce your child to the ancient practice of sacred reading (Lectio Divina ): have your child look up the verse and read it together several times, slowly and prayerfully.

Use colored pencils or crayons to bring the accompanying illustration to life. When your child is finished, read the Bible verse again. How did the Holy Spirit inspire your child through the Bible verse while he or she was coloring?

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