Crowd Hammer

79 bpm

Guitar, Percussion, Diddley Bow, Flute, Oboe

Originally written as an establishing shot for a psychological thriller. This has a very earthy/folky feel about it. Little slow, little edgy... I don't know. Take a listen. I mean, I'll keep trying to describe this but, I'm not doing too well here. There's this flute thing... oh. Yeah, it says that already... uhh... Slightly creepy movie score? Yet oddly comforting? Sure. Let's go with that.

Includes the main track as well as several individual parts so you can make your own mixes:

Creative Commons By Attribution 3.0.pdf
Crowd Hammer - Diddley Bow.wav
Crowd Hammer - Guitar.wav
Crowd Hammer - Hard Pan Mix.wav
Crowd Hammer - Percussion.wav
Crowd Hammer - Woodwinds.wav
Crowd Hammer.wav
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