Assignment 6 Database Systems _SOLUTION

Problem 1 (CAP Theorem) [30 pts]1. Which CAP property do most NoSQL systems sacrifice: Consistency, Availability, or Partition tolerance? Why are the other two remaining CAP properties important for settings where NoSQL is appropriate? 2. We are running a MySQL database for the class on the georgia server. Does the CAP theorem apply to this database? If so, which property is sacrificed? Problem 2 (Consistency in NoSQL systems) [10 pts] SQL systems support ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability). Most NoSQL systems do not support ACID. What (ironic) acronym do most NoSQL systems use to describe their consistency model. Problem 3 (NoSQL uses) [20pts] 1. List one use case where a NoSQL system is appropriate. Describe why a NoSQL system should be used rather than a traditional relational database in this setting. 2. List one use case where a relational database system is more appropriate than a NoSQL system. Describe why a relational database should be used over a NoSQL system. Problem 4 [40pts] What are the four classifications of NoSQL systems described in class? For each of the classifications, describe one strength of a system with that classification.
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