cja354_r4_week_five_worksheet (1)

1.     Bold the law that correctly defines the Son of Sam law.

a.     Legislation that prohibits criminals from contacting their victims or their victims’ families

b.    A law that prohibits a parent from testifying against his or her son

c.     Legislated rules prohibiting criminals from profiting from their crimes through sales or publications of their stories to or through the media

d.    Laws that prohibit the press from releasing details of a pending case


2.     Identify two victim resources available locally and nationally. Include the organization’s name and website, and a summary of their services.

Memphis Child Advocacy Center



Our vision is a community where children are safe, families are strong and victims become children again. Our mission is to serve children who are victims of sexual and severe physical abuse through prevention, education and intervention.


Shelby County Sexual Assault Resource Center

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