operation of human resource management

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Select two topics from the list below and critically discuss how they contribute to the effective operation of the Human Resouce Management function. Your discussion must include theoretical issues and organisational examples.
Word count; (1500) Please provide the sources or refrences.
1 Recruitment
2 Selection
3 Economic Downturn
4 Change
5 Managing Communication
6 Learning Styles
7 Rewards
8 Managing Teams
9 Time Management
10 Performance Management
11 Management and Leadership Styles
12 Employee Voice
13 Training and Development
14 Managing Conflict
15 Managing Employment Relations

Please consider the following points::1. The adoption and analysis of suitable and relevant theory relevant to the topic under investigation.
2. The integration of case study material and organisational examples.
3. Critical analysis should be included which explores the topics in question.
4. Essays should answer the assignment question specifically and not discuss irrelevant/random issues.
5. A suitable essay structure should be adopted.
6. All material must be reference correctly within the text itself (main body).
7. A thorough and complete reference list must be included at the end of the essay in accordance to Harvard standards (please see guide).
8. Any advice provided during your presentation should be taken into account.
9. Both topics should be given a proportionate amount of preparation and have an equal word count. They will be marked equally.
10. Valid arguments should be presented and supported with evidence.
11. A coherent introduction and overall conclusions should be included.
12. Please consider the matrix below which is used when marking
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