Ms Ritchie's Funky Punky Haircut and Chili Bowl Haircut

Little Ms. Richie (Kat) has decided to make a change in her upscale life. Now all she needs is a hairstylist (Sharon Gunther) who will cut her hair as she wants, and she wants it wild. Ms. Richie wants to be able to surprise everyone at the party that night. What Ms. Richie wants, Ms. Richie gets...but...does Ms. Richie get the wild haircut she desires? Or does she have to take matters into her own hands?...The stylist seats her in a salon chair, capes her, uses both a scissors and an electric clippers, and sprays her hair pink to make her funky punky hairstyle.

Ms. Richie wakes up the next morning and hates her punky funky haircut. Luckily there's only one way to fix it, Ms. Richie grabs the electric clippers, leaves them on the 000 blade, and drives it right into the sides and back of her hair. She ends up with a chili bowl/mushroom haircut.

Minor flaw: some footage is a little choppy.

For this vod: approx. 42 minutes, 242.5MB, screen size 720x480
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