ADJ215 - Week 6 Checkpoint

I love the fact that we have the right to bear arms, but also think that with that right, we should be responsible with the arms that we bear. I feel like those individuals who are law-abiding citizens should not have a problem registering their weapons so that gun owners can be tracked and guns are not sold on the black market. If I own a gun, you best believe that I will register it and should I sell it, the new owner will have to go through the proper channels in order to put it in their name. The last thing that I would want is for that person to commit a crime and the gun still is registered to me and I get in trouble for something that I did not do. Something else that would be beneficial when having people register a weapon is that people who should not have a gun will not be able to register it and if they do get a gun on the black market, it will be just another thing they could be arrested for in the future.
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