Amanda's Pageboy Haircut - VOD - Video on Demand - Download

Amanda has hair down to her hips. In some footage before her haircut, she tells us about her shampoo routine, and she shows off her very long hair. In the salon, Amanda is caped with a light blue nylon cape, and her hair is brushed out before it is braided into one very long braid. Amanda closes her eyes and takes a breath at the sight of the clippers. She is told that she can back out. But she replies, she wants this haircut...her first major haircut since middle school. An Oster 76 clippers bites through the top of the braid, releasing her hair around her. A nervous Amanda looks at her new look and smiles. The stylist attaches the shampoo tray to the barber chair and gives Amanda a shampoo. Upon toweling the hair, Amanda sees that her hair has a natural, beautiful wave! Amanda's hair is sectioned and cut skillfully by the stylist with a scissors. Once done, a flat square paddle brush is brushed through her hair as the blow dryer runs over the bristles. A thinning shears is used on the back to trim out some of the excess hair, so her pageboy haircut doesn't look puffy. Although Amanda was nervous before, Amanda is very delighted with her new look.

screen size: 720x480
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