Kats Japanese Face Shave and Massage in Salon - VOD Digital Video on Demand

Ladies, do you feel stressed from work or the ? If so, a relaxing face shave and smoothing facial massage will make you feel like new again. Kat, wearing curlers in her hair, a fashionable high buttoned blouse, and a cute skirt, is walking downtown when she passes the salon. Noticing that her skin looks dull in the reflection of the salon's window, she goes inside. There Kat is seated in a barber chair, and the barberette covers her a pinstriped-cape, and wraps several towels around her neck to keep the shaving cream and oils from wetting her shirt. Like all good face shaves, a moist hot towel is placed upon the customer's face to open pores and to soften hair. The barberette massages the face a bit to make sure no spot is missed. She adds shaving lather on the area of the face to be shaved. In traditional Japanese face shaves, nearly the entire face is shaved. She goes over the face twice -- adding shaving cream each time and using the straight-edge razor to clean it and the hair away. A hot towel is also placed over the shaving cream on the face. Once the shaving is finished, Kat is then treated to a facial massage. A steam machine is also used during the massage. After the shave and massage, we have one very relaxed Kat. She urges all women to try this. This video is mostly in German, with Kat speaking some English as well. duration: 36 minutes, screen size: 720 x 480
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