For this assignment

For this assignment

For this assignment you will need to violate a minor social norm, preferably regarding gender roles, and then analyze the reactions of others who observed your “deviant” act. You will need to repeat your norm violation at least 2-3 times in different places in order to observe the changing reactions of others.

The Write-Up:

In a 2-3 page paper (double spaced and typewritten), consider the following questions and be sure to include ANALYSIS (not mere description) that draws upon RELEVANT COURSE READINGS AND CONCEPTS:

1) What norm or social rule did you violate and what is normative behavior in this situation? What did you do? When and where?

2) Who was your audience each time? Where were you when you committed the act? How did they perceive and define the “meaning” of your actions? How could you tell? That is, what reactions (verbal or nonverbal) did they direct toward you? Did different people react differently? Did anyone negatively sanction you? If so, how? What was the purpose of their sanction (e.g., ridicule, shame, to ensure conformity)?

3) How did violating this norm make you feel? How can you explain these feelings sociologically? (E.g., how are concepts such as socialization, internalization, social control, role-taking, and/or the looking-glass self-relevant?)

4) Would this act always be viewed as deviant or would it be acceptable in a different time or context?
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