Kooky Kieran Hearts Font - General Commercial License

Kooky Kieran is a handwriting font that was drawn out by my (then) teenage little sister somewhere around the year 2000. Kooky Kieran Hearts is the adorable alternate version of the original "plain" font (which can be purchased with this font at a discount, or individually). It is a handwriting font with several hearts drawn in, and is the kind of writing that a girl might carefully draw out in her diary or in notes to her friends.

This license includes 1 end user license for usage in:

  • A company logo and its display on company website, business cards, flyers, and/or advertisements. (This does not include large volume product packaging.)

  • Low volume signage (indoor or outdoor) for businesses with 1 or 2 locations.

  • Printed advertisements or online banner ads.

  • General graphic design, printed or online.

This license cannot be transferred.

This purchase does not include broadcast licensing or large volume commercial licensing. Please contact me through my website at QuickBrownFoxFonts.com if you are interested in either of those licenses.
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