Vid 471 - Karen 2 & Jennifer6 Long To Short & Bob

This video has tow complete cuts.  Karen is first and has long layered hair that she has dyed a reddish brown.  Karen wants some length in front but is willing to go short in back.  We snip off the long hair at the back to make way for the clippers.  The clippers buzz super high up the back.  The length is pulled back and cut short to ensure that the back will be exposed.  The front is cut short above each ear.  The front is cut into cute layers.  Karen looks great in her new short cut.  Jennir is next and starts with longer straight hair.  She wants a bob as her new style.  The long hair at the back is cut short with scissors.  The clippers buzz a few inches of the nape.  The sides are cut to chin length.  The length at the back is angled exposing a couple inches of the buzzed nape.  Jennifer looks cute in her new bob.