INF103-Assignment 1wk4

I think that some of the major cybercrimes of the 21st century are illegal hacking, piracy, and internet harassment (cyber bullying). Computer hacking has become a major issue with having the use of connecting to the internet. Hackers have the ability to cripple major industries if they obtained those companies' passwords. Hackers can also get into anyone personal computers and get their passwords to gain access to their email banking accounts and other private information. Piracy is also another major cybercrime. There are sites on the web that allow people to download music and movies without having to pay for them through peer to peer sharing which is illegal. Cyber bullying is another cybercrime that has taken over social media sites such as Facebook.“Cyber-crimes are closely policed and prosecuted by the United States government” (Bowles, 2010), and that is one way that the public is safeguarded against cybercrimes. Some other ways to protect ourselves against cybercrimes is by not posting personal information about ourselves on social media websites like our phone numbers, home addresses, and full names
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