Saturday AM # 14

Saturday AM #14 is honestly one of our strongest issues to date specifically because it showcases the amazing diversity of our exclusive manga comics.

For example, TTX is a manga by the mysterious Verticalfish which you may have seen before on popular webcomic sites. BUT this version is different. It's the purest example of an amateur creator hitting his stride. A new, more mature level of art and story have worked to create a solid offering in a futuristic racer that offers an exciting new EXCLUSIVE title for Saturday AM's growing brands.

A double chapter of BULLY EATER from co-founding creator, Raymond Brown and another fantastic entry for the lovely Andrea Otilia Voros, SAIGAMI, rounds out this issue.

That's not all though folks --- this issue clocks in at over 100pgs!!

We also have an interview with David Sirlin (creator of the Fighting CCG -- YOMI) and a recap of our FIRST MANGA COMPETITION!

Learn all about upcoming one-shots: ANIMALE' and GRAY+ZONE.

This issue is truly a great example of EVERYTHING that makes Saturday AM a true manga anthology revolution.

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