March 2016 — The Sensual Lover©

March 2016 — The Sensual LoverThis Webinar Will be able to assist you in Elevating, Adjusting yours and Your Twin Flame's Energies for comfort and also to be able to Live, work and Thrive while here in 3D. Many of your New Awarenesses are addressed in this, including your Twin Flame Senses, beyond 5. You will find that the following topics are addressed including up to 6 Physical Exercises and the Webinar itself is Meditative. 

  1. Your Twin Flame Angelic Senses-Beyond 5!

  2. You Leaving the 3D Earth Plane & maintaining two lives

  3. Divesting your Connections through your Central Nervous system

  4. The Differences you are experiencing with your "Fight or Flight" response

  5. Key Elemental  Senses of Blue Ray Twin Flames

  6. Your Divinity Body

  7. Getting Rid of the Mental Stressors, Addictions to Drama, 3D Sex, Behaviors

  8. The New Way of BEING in the world and not Invested in outward things but invested in each other.

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