SCI 250 Week 5 STD Informational Pamphlet – Appendix G

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SCI 250 Week 5 STD Informational
Pamphlet – Appendix G

Resources: An information pamphlet from a doctor’s
office and Appendix G

Create a tri-fold pamphlet,
such as one you would find at a doctor’s office, about a sexually transmitted
disease of your choice using the template provided in Appendix G located on the
student website.

Address each of the elements in
the grading form provided in the document titled Appendix G Rubric located on
the student website, and answer the following questions:

  • Is the
    disease transmitted exclusively through sexual contact or can it be spread

  • What are its
    symptoms, and how can it can be diagnosed? (Be sure to compare a healthy
    system to one affected by the infection or disease.)

  • What
    epidemiological and clinical impact does the disease or infection have?

  • How can the
    infection or disease be prevented?

Note. Feel free to modify the template by
changing font sizes and colors and adding graphics or pictures. If, however,
you use graphics or pictures, please be sure to cite their sources according to
APA standards. Formatting help is available at

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