201 : Miss Black Mamba pedalstart and revving the moped Garelli Noi

Miss Black Mamba, dressed with a white top, shorts and flip flops, letting you see her beautiful red toenails, wants to play with this moped Garelli Noi.

It's one of the easiest mopeds in the world, so there is nothing that can go wrong, and she can get it started easily, right? Well, it doesn't seem so!

 At first she can't make it work. She kicks again and again, but nothing is happening! What is going on?

Plus it's really hard to start it, and she can't understand why!

With all this heat, the last thing she wanted was a moped that doesn't want to start up!

She tries with or without flip flops, but nothing changes.
She tries with both the sides, maybe one is better than the other...

Then she finally makes it and the moped starts up! She starts revving it so hard, but the moped doesn't like it, and it stalls on her!

And the torture begins again, with her fighting the heat and the poor engine...
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