ISM 3255 Assignment 3  Solution.ZIP

ISM 3255 Assignment 3  Solution

 Following ASG02, continue to do these tasks:
1-     Compare your answer with the sample answer and make sure you understand every line of the code.
2-     See if you can make the sample answer shorter (e.g. by removing the curly brackets
Main Task
Modify your answer to ASG02 as follows.
1-     Start by removing the 4 “hard coded” students’ answers and the key answer
2-     Ask the user to enter (ReadLine) the key answer in the following format:
 “XXXXXXXXXX” followed by Enter (notice the input is 10 characters long
3-     Ask the number of the students (n) from the user
4-     Based on n, your code asks for n students answers each in the following format
“YYYYYYYYYY” followed by Enter (notice the input is 10 characters long
5-     After receiving all n answers, print a similar table as ASG02 (note that the student#s (student numbers) are calculated by your code and displayed.
6-     Compute and display the average score for all students.
Write part 6 using a function (method). The function input is the arrays of scores and the output is the average of the scores.
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