Do you have a strategic question about your business structure?

Do you need specific advice about setting up a strong PR plan to attract editors, producers and bloggers to your business?

Does your marketing strategy suck?

Are you trying to engage your brand with your social media followers but can't seem to get the "bounce' needed?

Let's talk about it!

Coffee & A Consultation is a great way to work through your stack of specific business questions that you need the answers to, with me.  No idea is to big and no question is too small.  Get ready for some great entrepreneurial solutions!

What's Included:

✔ A virtual 30-minute chat via UberConference, SKYPE, Google Hangout or Facetime with me
✔ A strategic review of your current business goals
✔ "Ask Me Anything" - grab your list and run it by me, let's work through your current business issues, aspirations and goals
✔ My recommendations, strategic solutions and knowledge share to your most important small business questions
✔ A Cup of Coffee From Starbucks on me! (redeem link sent post-chat)
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