Linde Pallet Truck Type 131: T20AP, T20SP, T24AP, T24SP Service Training (Workshop Manual)

Original Illustrated Factory Service Training (Workshop Manual) for Linde Pallet Truck Type 131.

Original factory manuals for Linde Forklift Trucks, contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate and repair your truck

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Format: PDF, 259 Pages
Language: English


0. Product information
    T20/24 AP and T20/24 SP type 1 31 ride-on pallet truck
    List of main changes
    Accessing truckinformation
    CAN Bus network (up to W4X131 A00488)
    CAN Bus network (from W4X131A00489 onwards)
    Multi-function indicator, breakdown code display
    Description of error codes
    TRACTION error codes for LAC03 controllers (up to W4X131 A00488)
    LIFT error codes for LAC03 controllers (up to W4X131A00488)
    TRACTION and LIFT error codes for LAC03/61 controllers (from W4X131 A00489 onwards)
    STEERING error codes for LES40 main controller
    STEERING error codes for LES40 safety controller
    Updating control modules LAC 03, LAC03-61 and LES 40
1. Motor
    Traction motor
    Removingthe traction motor
    Traction motor bearing
2. Drive - Transmission
    Drive unit
    Description of the drive unit
    Removal/ refitting of the drive unit
    Fitting the drive unit to the chassis
    Reduction gear
    Gear reducer
    Reducer unit
    Removal / refitting reducer gearbox
3. Truck structure
    Battery compartment
    Battery with side access
    Side access battery locking handle
    Access to the technical compartment
    Technical compartment covers
    Chassis equipment
    Side protection
    Driver's platform
    Operator presence detection system up to W4X131T04418 (AP) and W4X131T043 (SP)
    Operator presence detection system from W4X131T04419 (AP) and W4X131T0439 (SP) onwards
    Platform removal / refitting
    Platform shock absorber pads
4. Steering, braking and wheels
    Electric steering
    "Left hand free" handlebar
    Control tiller, AP
    Dismantling the AP tiller arm
    Replacement of the tiller stops
    Adjustment of the tiller foot pull switches, 1 S4 and 1 S4-A
    Steering centre (LORD)
    Steering geared motor
    Steering geared motor removal / refitting
    Wheel position potentiometer (3B3)
    Steering motor (3M1) with brush wear detection
    Electric steering adjustment
    Parking brake
    Hydraulically assisted electromagnetic brake
    Electromagnetic brake, setting the gap
    Drive wheel
    Controlled stabilisers
    Powered stabilisers (hydraulic cylinder)
    Stabilising wheels (suspended stabilisers)
    Support rollers
6. Electrical equipment
    T20-24AP-SP type 131
    Reminder of T20-24AP-SP pallet truck operation
    Location of connectors
    Electrical panel
    Manipulatingthe electrical plate
    Traction (L.A.C. 03)
    Traction and hydraulic controller -LAC 03/ 1A1
    LAC Controller - 1 A1 under voltage
    LAC 03 "Input / Output" functions
    Replacingthe L.A.C. box (1A1)
    Setting up the control module (1A1)
    Accelerator (1S21, 1 S22) and potentiometer (1B1) controls
    Horn 4H1
    Hydraulically assisted electromagnetic brake Y1
    Traction motor speed sensor 1B2
    Monitoring the temperature of the traction motor 1B6
    Battery locking sensor 1S19
    Testing the LAC cooling fan 9M1
    Speed limitation No.1 and No.2 (options)
    Traction (L.A.C. 03/61)
    Traction and lift controller - LAC 03/61 (1A1)
    Activating controllers 1A1 and 3A1
    Functions of the "Inputs/ Outputs" of the LAC 03/61
    Complete calibration of LAC 03/61
    Default settings of the LAC 03/61 controller with min./max. intervals
    Hydraulic controls
    Controlled hydraulic stabilisers (trucks equipped with two solenoid valves)
    Stabiliser solenoid valves 2Y8 and 2Y9
    Hydraulically controlled stabilisers
    Stability module 1A8 (inclinometer)
    Operation of the initial lift (2M1)
    High fork end-of-travel 1 B4
    Limit stop of load arms in lower position 1 B3
    Electrical steering (L.E.S. 40)
    Electric steering controller L.E.S./3A1
    Functions of the "Inputs/ Outputs," LES(3A1)
    Replacingthe L.E.S. box (3A1)
    Setting steering control module parameters (3A1)
    LES Controller power on
    Speed reduction when turning (with LAC n°390 360 85 19)
    Multifunction indicator (three-button)
    Multifunction indicator with 3 buttons (not connected to truck CAN BUS)
    Multifunction indicator
    Adjustments of the multifunction indicator
    Multifunction indicator (four-button)
    4-button multifunction indicator (version CAN BUS)
    Programming the multifunction indicator
    Changing the multifunction display
    Using PathFinderto set multifunction indicator parameters
    Replacingthe key (S1) with a DIGICODE
    Multifunction indicator with biometrics
    Biometry option
7. Hydraulic assembly
    Hydraulic circuits
    Main hydraulic system
    Stabiliser hydraulic circuit
    Draining the stabiliser hydraulic circuit
    Stabiliser hydraulic circuit
    Hydraulic stabiliser operation
    Installation of left-hand stabiliser connection block
    Draining the stabiliser system
    Bleeding the stabiliser hydraulic system
8. Lifting system
    Initial lift
    Initial lift guidance

10. Diagrams
    Circuit diagrams for the T20 SP/AP and T24 SP/AP up to W4X131S00658
    Power (without brush wear detection)
    T20SP-T24SP controller (LAC 03 /Maxima)
    T20AP-T24AP controller (LAC 03 /Maxima)
    Circuit diagrams for the T20 SP/AP and T24 SP/AP from W4XS00659 up to W4X131U02104
    Power (with brush wear detection)
    T20 SP - T24 SP controller (LAC 03.60 / Bauser / 2-valve stabilisers)
    T20 AP - T24 AP controller (LAC 03.60 / Bauser / 2-valve stabilisers)
    Circuit diagrams for the T20 SP/AP and T24 SP/AP from W4X131U02105 up to W4X131A00488
    Power (with brush wear detection)
    T20 SP - T24 SP controller (LAC 03.60 / Bauser / 1 -valve stabilisers)
    T20 AP - T24 AP controller (LAC 03.60 / Bauser / 1 -valve stabilisers)
    Circuit diagrams for the T20 SP/AP and T24 SP/AP from W4X131A00489
    Power (without brush wear detection)
    T20SP-T24SP controller (LAC 03.61 / Bauser /1 -valve stabilisers)
    T20AP-T24AP controller (LAC 03.61 / Bauser /1-valve stabilisers)
    Circuit diagrams for the T20 AP/SP and T24 AP/SP up to W4X131U02104
    Lift circuit
    Stabiliser circuit
    Circuit diagrams for the T20 AP/SP and T24 AP/SP from W4X131U02105
    Lift circuit
    Stabiliser circuit
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