M7D2 - Ebb and Flow of Commercial Paper

Commercial paper is a form of financing that consists of short-term, unsecured promissory notes issued by firms with a high credit standing. Generally, only large companies with a solid history of financial soundness are able to issue commercial paper. This discussion focuses on the most recent uses of commercial paper.
Read the section “The Ebb and Flow of Commercial Paper” from your textbook (p. 654). Respond to the following:

  • What factors contribute to an expansion of the commercial paper market?

  • What factors cause a contraction in the commercial paper market?

  • How do companies use commercial paper to raise short-term funds?

  • Who can issue commercial paper? Who buys commercial paper?

Post your primary response. Read any postings already provided by your instructor or fellow students. See the SBT Discussion Rubric for how you will be evaluated for this activity. Remember to read the feedback to your own major postings and reply to it throughout the module.
See the Course Calendar for due dates for posts and responses.
Compose your work using a word processor and save it, as a Plain Text or an .rtf, to your computer. When you’re ready to make your initial posting, please click on the “Create Thread” button and copy/paste the text from your document into the message field. Be sure to check your work and correct any spelling or grammatical errors before you post it.

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