- [Minecraft] YouTube Animation Intro -

https://pastebin.com/JKt2k2cB (QUEUE)

You will recieve:
♦  A Youtube-sized HD Resolution (1920x1080 - 30FPS) Minecraft intro with your skin and name.

♦  You can pick a song. However if I feel it is dumb/bad and don't want to animate it I will pick a song for you. You can ask before purchasing about songs for an intro ~ Pikachuwbacca2000 on skype.

♦  A prefered biome/map can be chosen if possible.

♦  Any specific styles such as flips and runs can be chosen, please ask as some styles I may not be capable of animating. Ask for a specific story-line behind your animation too if you wish.

♦  These can take up to half a month. Usually a week.

♦  You will be added to a queue of people that ordered an intro before you.

♦  If I feel like it, a speed art will be uploaded to my channel.

♦  The intro will be uploaded to my channel before hand.

♦  You will recieve the file from a mediafire link.

♦  Check my youtube for more introductions: 

- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0lnJ-2-THR38k9xFoWuawg
Terms of Service

♦  By ordering you agree to abide by these terms

♦  You are NOT allowed to claim my art as your own

♦  Your payments are not refundable.

♦  Orders can take up to a month, you will be added to this queue/list, be patient       with your order: https://pastebin.com/JKt2k2cB
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