Lightroom Preset Pack 2018 (6 Presets)

\\please read this before buying

Colour your awesome photos in an instant!

Here you will find a variety of moods and emotions. I take a lot of street/city photography so a lot of these are made for that purpose. !!Always remember that not every preset is ready to go straight after 1 click, some tweaking and work may still be required once applied!!

Even though I use these presets all the time I still always have to tweak something, just to fit each photo individually. I use all the time when I edit my own photos and can be seen on my Instagram page:

The Lightroom Preset Pack 2018 Includes 6 presets: \\EXPOLITUS, \\GLASCHU, \\NIX, \\SCOTTISH SUN, \\SOLIS, \\URBS.

\\\\\You will receive 1 ZIP file containing 6 Lightroom Preset files.
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