(Original) BiblePuppet Pattern and Instruction eBook

(Original) BiblePuppet Pattern and Instruction eBook

Since August 14, 2001 This is the Original BiblePuppet Pattern & Instruction eBook, created by life long puppeteer, Clif Desmond. All of the puppets that you see on the BiblePuppet.com website not only were made using this original pattern but were also sold on eBay to people who wanted puppets for fun, puppeteering and profit! A few collectors out there have entire casts of characters!

The puppets YOU create using this pattern are royalty-free. Clif Desmond holds no claim to your work. You may make your own puppets for any puppetry purpose including selling the puppets you make to others!

You may not resell this product however, if you are a youth leader with an organisation or church you may make copies of the product for each member of your class or puppetry group.

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