Premades 100 (WP+CPG)

This is a mobile friendly premade. It includes a wordpress and
coppermine theme.  The Wordpress theme is cutomizable via the WP Admin
Panel. You can find the customize options under the Themes section under 'Customize'.

Locate responsive.css in the header.php (wordpress) or template.html (coppermine)
and remove that line.

Wordpress Information

Edits Via WP Admin Panel (Customize) - No coding skills required.

  1.     Site Identity / Edit the site name and slogan

  2.     Footer Settings / Hide or Show description as well as Basic Information. Also edit both via this quick and easy edit option.

  3.     Layout Settings / Option to align sidebar and content to the left or right

  4.     Hide Site Name / Option to hide the sitename and slogan (great for headers that already have this designed into them)

  5.     Hide welcome message and social icons

  6.     Edit Social links

  7.     Hide bar below edit as well as edit text within the bar

  8.     Header Image / Upload the header image via the admin panel and preview it in real time

  9.     Menus / Add or remove custom menu links

  10.     Widgets / Control your sidebar widgets via admin panel

  11.     Color Scheme / Edit the colors of your theme via this section, color edit options include:

 - Background color
 - Main Color (all other blue on preview)
 - Secondary Color
 - Sitename/Slogan color
 - Navigation Color
 - Bar below header and text color (TextBar)
 - Social network colors
 - Sidebar title section (background and text color)
 - Gallery Link Background Color
 - H Classes Background and Font colors
 - Blockquote Background and Font Color

Additional Information

  •         Mobile-Friendly (Responsive)

  •         Widget Ready

  •         Post Featured Image

  •         Font Awesome

  •         You can change colors.

  •         You can change the header

  •         You can edit the coding

  •         You can use on various sites that you own/run

  •         Please install this plugin for the bottom navigation to work:


Coppermine Information
This bundle comes with two versions. One with a header and one without.

  1.     Includes 'color.css' which is a quicker way to edit the premades colors.

  2.     Mobile-Friendly (Responsive)

  3.     Includes <!-----BEGIN---- guideline in template.html to help you remove/edit       anything you might decide to remove/edit

  4.     You can change colors.

  5.     You can change the header

  6.     You can edit the coding

  7.     You can use on various sites that you own/run

If a theme is not working, check to make sure the style.css is linking to the correct theme.

** My themes are meant to be used as a base for you to edit/use. Do not resell or redistribute them.
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