476 : Flat battery again ! Starring Miss Ninfa & Miss Amy

Price € 18,00 Playtime: 26:27 Min
Size 1,86 GB Frame: 1280 x 720 Filetype: mp4
Added on July 26, 2019

The Fiat Panda is always available ... no one has yet wanted to buy it!
But Miss Ninfa does not give up ... sooner or later she will find a buyer, she is sure !

Tomorrow she has another appointment with an interested person and she decides to make a check of the car to avoid  bad surprises, and again ... the old car does not start and Ninfa has to  face a long and hard cranking!

Amy is passing by and she decides to give an helping hand to her friend ... who knows, maybe 4 feet instead of 2 will convince this rusty engine to start !

Unfortunately, it seems not, the battery is dead and the girls have to sort to cables ... what happens next?