BIS 320 Final Exam

BIS 320 Final Exam

The ___ the dot pitch, sharper and brighter the screen image will be. 

The CPU has a small amount of very fast memory called:   

a grocery scanning checkout system is an example of:     Which of the following is TRUE of in-house custom-developed software? Which of the following is true of VPN?   Most homes and small businesses use_______because they receive more data than they transmit.  A ________connects computers at different geographic locations.

Which type of chart should you use? 

In the Web 2.0 world, the value of the site increases 

 ________tracks changes to documents and provides features and functions to accomodate concurrent work.

  The broadest definition of _______ includes viruses, worms, Trojan horses, spyware and adware

 Which of the following statements is true regarding position sensitivity? 

 Which of the following is true regarding an incident-response plan? 

 Projects that spend so much time ______ are sometimes said to be in analysis paralysis.

 During the _____ phase of the SDLC process, developers construct, test and install the components of information system. 

 The easiest and cheapest time to alter the information system is in the ____ phase of the SDLC.   


1. When one buys an operating system like WinXP, you are actually buying a software

2. ___ software is processed on client computers.  3. The ___ system manages the computers resources.

4. A loosely coupled group of volunteer programmers that contribute code to develop and maintain software are called___.

5. Volatile memory ___ data when the power is turned off.

6. Linux is an example of:

7. Which device listed below is not an example of an input hardware device?

8. If your computer is slow in loading large image files, it is likely that you need t o upgrade the computers:

9. ___is designed to increase the overall throughput of the CPU.

10. A spreadsheet program would be an example of:

11. To keep from getting a virus on your computer, be sure to never download files, programs, or attachments from ___ Web sites.

12. The Apple operating system is called ___.

13. One ___ is equivalent to 1024 GB.

14. Which device listed below is an example of a processing hardware device? )

15. Windows only work with __ from Intel and companies who comply with In tel instruction set.

16. The operating system employs ___ so that users can run multiple applications and files at the same time.

17. Software vendors should make it easier for users to download and apply ___ to fix known holes in their software.

18. A collection of servers called a ___ coordinates the activities of hundreds of users.

19. ___ Software is installed in special, read-only memory in devices like printers or communication devices.

20. ___ software consist of programs that perform business functions like general ledger and accounting.

21. RAM is an example of:

22. A ___ holds up to 4.7 GB and is good for backing up files.

23. Main memory contains data and instructions for the ___ program, which controls the computers resources.

24. A virus delivers a ___ when i ts program deletes and programs data.

25. A ___ virus attaches itself to Word, Excel, or other type of documents.

26. Which device listed below is an example of an output hardware device?

27. ___ software are programs that control the computers resources.

28. A ___ is a virus that replicates itself over the Internet and other networks.

29. When a user opens a new program, the CPU may make a ___ and move a b lock of unused data to make room for the one just called up.

30. A ___ is a virus that disguises itself as a program or game and secretly delivers a payload.

31. Hardware includes all of the following except:

32. ___ is a special CPU and memory that stores and processes video images.

33. Which device listed below is an example of a storage hardware device?

34. The surface of an ___ disc is treated so that it can reflect light to represent     binary data.

35. A bar code scanner would be an example of a :  36. The quickest and least risky option for software buying is the tried and t rue ___.

37. Data in the CPU is processed in the form of:

38. A bit has a value of:

39. Monitors display images by illuminating a grid of dots called ___ on the screen.

40. The CPU works in conjunction with the ___.

41. ___ software is developed for a specific, unique need.

42. ___ are commands that CPU can process. It may be specific for each processor type.

43. Data moves between components on the motherboard via the:  44. ___ is by far the most popular type of memory device.

45. ___ is generally regarded as one of the more difficult operating systems to learn to use.  46. The ___ of a CPU is measured in hertz.

47. The ___ the dot pitch, sharper and brighter the screen image will be.

48. A grocery scanning checkout system would be an example of: 49. Every monitor has a ___ which is the size of the pixel grid that will give the best sharpness and clarity.

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