Eeny's Alliance Vanilla+BC Grind

Eeny's Alliance Vanilla+BC Grind

This is a 1-60(70) Grind package- see other package for quests 

The most tested and stable WRobot grind profile for Alliance on private servers.

The Zip includes 1-60 Vanilla and 1-70 TBC Alliance grinding packs. Built on Elysium Vanilla and Warmane TBC. Also includes recommended WRobot plug-ins for leveling.

The Alliance profile is split into 2 parts 1-45 and 25-60. At some point you will need to move the bot dependant on level- when you do it is up to you (you have 20 levels to decide. A third profile is added for 58-70 in TBC.

Leveling paths

Vanilla 1-45

1-6 Northshire

6-12 Elwynn

12-19 Westfall

19-22 Redridge

22-32 Duskwood.

32-36 STV

36-45 Swamp of sorrows

Vanilla 25-60

25-30 Wetlands

30-37 Arathi

37-43 Badlands

43-51 hunterlans

51-55 WPL

55-60 EPL

The Burning Crusade

58-61 Hellfire peninsular

61-64 Zangarmarsh

64-67 Terrokar

67-70 Nagrand

While this profile is 99% grind- you will still need to load it as a quest profile.

The profiles favour quiet grind spots with mainly beasts being the target. I have made gradual mobs changes so you wont see any massive jumps in death / mob difficulty as the profile goes on.

A Second grind path is included that will also target humanoids for those bots who need cloth. However these spots may have more players than the 'normal' grind profile which favor quiet spots- you are able to freely swap between profiles as they follow similar paths.
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