HRM 323 Week 2 DQ 2

With the constant rise of health care cost it has become difficult to bargain a set benefit for health care. Due to constant government changes that companies have to meet the cost for those changes need to come from somewhere such as pensions, education reimbursement or other types of benefits. The cost is making it difficult for employers to offer higher wages or to offer wage increases to employees. Health care is one of the number one benefits an employee looks for when applying for a position at a company. The affect this is having on labor negotiations have been difficult. There is not a lot that can change except for the company to offer options such a shorter contract times, employees picking up more of the benefit costs, offering caps on certain costs. The labor negotiations have to be more creative on ways to deal with the rising health care cost. One thing employers can do is put the health care back on the employees by increasing the need for wellness programs and require more healthy lifestyles such as no smoking
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