GRIEF Guided Meditation ~ The Healing Process

In this guided meditation, Grief is addressed. Loss is inevitable in life. It happens to everyone and grief is a tough process to go through. My intention for this guided meditation was to help the listener process their grief and truly feel the emotions that need to be felt. Sometime we may get stuck in our grief and not be able to move on until we deal with these tough emotions. Grief has 5 stages. They do not necessarily have to go in order but here they are. Stage 1 is Denial. This is where you will have trouble accepting the truth and the reality of your lose. Next stage is Anger. You may become angry with yourself, life, God, everyone because your loss was not deserved. The third stage is the bargaining stage. You may experience an urge to bargain with yourself, God, anyone to try and make things go back to the way they were before you experienced your loss. The fourth stage is Depression/Sadness. This is when the realization comes in and you realize that your lose is real. You understand that there is no going back to the way it was, and this causes much sadness. The final stage of Grief is acceptance. In this stage you can accept what has happened in your life and truly be able to move on with hope and understanding.
I hope this guided meditation can help you through your tough time and help you through the grieving process.
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