244 : Miss Barbie Renault 5 startup problems

Miss Barbie, wearing a black coat, black skirt, black tights and pink high heels, is getting in the Renault 5. She opens the door, sit in the driver seat, everything looks normal…

She turns the key and the engine starts making noises, but it doesn’t start! She keeps the key turned for a while, hoping it would start soon after, but nothing! She slowly pumps the pedal, hoping that maybe this will help..

While you have a closeup view of her feet slowly pushing on the gas pedal, she is complaining about the fact that the car doesn’t want to start! She tries again and again, talking with the car like a baby, and caressing the gas pedal with her foot, but the car seems stubborn..

She starts loosing patience with this car, everytime is the same problem! This piece of crap doesn’t want to start when she needs it! Why? She can’t believe it. Plus she is now stranded in a parking lot with nobody to ask for help! What can she do now?

She pumps that gas pedal hoping for a miracle, but the car does not even sputters! She is getting very angry at the car…

Will the car start before she loses her patience?
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