COP 3014 Lab 5 Solution

COP 3014

Lab 05

Please read and understand the prototypes for the methods declared
in Stack.h.
Do not add any methods to Stack.h.

Create a file Stack.cpp that will contain all the methods declared in
Stack.h. Because this is a cpp file, do NOT use any inline methods in it.

Use lab05.cpp, Stack.h, and Stack.cpp
The output should be similar to what appears in lab05.out
The addresses of the stacks may be different in different systems.

This assignment is due on the BlackBoard one week after it is assigned
Use your FAUID and submit only the file Stack.cpp as FAUID_Stack.cpp.
No late assignments.

- use braces around any block
- use blocks as we did in our class examples
- indent your code as we have used indentations in our examples
- comment your code; do not over comment your code

o -2 for each missing block

o -2 for each missing indentation

o no credit if your cpp file does not compile or does not run

o no credit if you do not follow the instructions for
this assignment

o some partial credit if your program crashes depending on
the problem

end of lab 05.

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