Holiday sharing - Twin Cities

In the spirit of sharing during this holiday season...
A way to help our fellow humans and our animal friends at this special time of year.

This is the time of year I like to intensify my support of my two favorite charities in the Twin Cities; Union Gospel Mission ( and Animal Ark (

As many of you know, whenever I conduct private sessions, any gratuities which are offered me for my services are put into donation jars in my studio. Each Friday, I split the amount evenly to be sent to each of the above charities.

Now here is a way for YOU to help our fellow humans and our animal friends at this special time of year.

For a contribution of just $ 4.99 you will receive my “Morning Magic” recording (valued at $ 29.99)
Your $ 4.99 contribution for my “Morning Magic” recording will be divided as follows:
Approximately $ 1.00 goes to Sellfy and PayPal to cover their transaction fees
$ 1.00 will go to Animal Ark
$ 1.00 will go to Union Gospel Mission
Approx. $ 1.99 will go toward the R Pur Aloe gift packages which I will be awarding to my readers / subscribers (see below)

I am a Master Distributor for R Pur Aloe International - see
Each year at the holiday season, I randomly select one or more of my clients / readers / subscribers and donate a gift package including a fine selection of R Pur Aloe topical and beverage products.

This year, I decided to increase my “giving” by sending one gift package of R Pur Aloe products (retail value approx. $ 50) for each 50 readers who help support the above charities through the purchase of my “Morning Magic” recording for a minimum of $ 4.99.

So if 50 of my readers contribute a minimum of $ 4.99, I will randomly select one contributor and send them an R Pur Aloe gift package of products (retail value approx. $ 50).

If 100 of my friends contribute a minimum of $ 4.99, I will randomly select 2 contributors to receive R Pur Aloe gift packages.

200 contributors – 4 packages

500 contributors – 10 packages, and so forth.

"Morning Magic"
a recording I made back in February, 1997 after the passing of my partner. It is called "Morning Magic" and is simply a beautiful 20 minute way to begin your day and set your day for miracles to occur. Can be listened to with or without headphones. Feel free to burn the recording to a CD if you wish for easier access. Also feel free to share it with your friends, with my compliments. All I ask in return is that if you do share it with your friends, please include my name and email address in the sharing.

"Morning Magic" normally sells for $ 29.99 on my website ( ) but enjoy it with my compliments as a gift for you to enjoy with your contribution of $ 4.99 toward my two favorite charities

This, along with it's companion, "Evening Magic" ( ) are soon to be distributed in all 452 Trader Joe's stores throughout the US.

For a contribution of just $ 4.99 you will receive the following...
My highly popular “Morning Magic” recording.

(If you have previously purchased my “Morning Magic” recording, just drop me a line and I would be happy to provide you with my “Evening Magic” recording instead – or one of my other valuable recordings)

You will also receive instant access to a phenomenal BONUS treasure chest of products for your thoughtfulness and generosity. It includes (via instant download) an extremely valuable bundle of more than 80 inspirational and motivational audio and video recordings and reports / eBooks geared to help improve your life.

Thank you for taking the time to help our fellow humans and our animal companions in need.

So please - at this special time of year consider helping both our fellow humans as well as our companion animals. Your contribution will be greatly appreciated and you will be blessed for your thoughtfulness and compassion.

Magical thoughts,
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