SCI 201 Week 1 Philosophy of Healing Systmes


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1 Philosophy of Healing Systmes

Philosophy of
Healing Systems



NCCIH generally uses the
term “complementary health approaches”. 

Within the majority of other
"Healthcare approaches" are whole Healing Systems which are complete systems that share
common philosophies or basic concepts.


Here let' discuss
these underlying
concepts or Philosophy of these  Healing Systems

(Do not list a lot of therapies or types of healing
systems. Rather look for the shared concepts or philosophies that are shared
among the healing systems.)


Common shared concepts are are core believes or
foundations for the system. For example you might discuss: 


  1. How is health/illness viewed? 

  2. What is the relationship between clients and

  3. How are therapies used?

  4. How is the Human Being or client viewed?

In your discussion, share how  this
different from Conventional Medicine. 


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    Discussion Thread for full credit. 

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