BSCOM 268 Week 5 Media Law Matrix

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BSCOM 268 Week 5 Media Law Matrix
Complete the University of Phoenix Material: Media Law Matrix.
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Media Law Matrix
After reading Ch. 16 of the text, identify at least five laws relating to media regulation. Explain how the laws affect mass media and the public. Provide a brief description of ethical issues and considerations. Describe how these ethical considerations are related to the laws you have identified.

Mass Media Laws

Law Effects

Related Ethical Issues
















Select two issues currently in the media—one local issue and one global issue—related to media in society.
Local media issue:
What are the relevant laws related to the issue? In 350 words, explain the legal implications and ethical considerations as they apply to the media’s responsibility.
Global media issue:
Explain the interaction between mass media and government in this issue. In 350 words, explain the effect of the mass media messages related to this issue on society.
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