Raising Base Units (Item #STU-034)

Features: Toe-kick, baseboard, and lazy Susan (revolving) methods of raising base units. (Base unit plans not included.)

Typically about 24- to 27-inches high, base units are a great and functional way to support table tops for workstations. Though a low profile often provides a very comfortable key height, some prefer to raise the base units (and thus the desktop) to a more common desktop height. These plans describe three different strategies for raising base units, including toe-kick, baseboard, and revolving (lazy Susan), with measured drawings for a common base unit footprint size. Please note that the plans for the base unit depicted (F27-14) are not included in this set.

The plans PDF file contains four pages of detailed drawings, with complete measurements (for a common base unit footprint size) and construction notes. Drawings include assembled view, detailed front, side, and bottom views, and a part list for each type. File: 541KB PDF.

You'll need: Depending upon the strategy you use, you'll need some plywood, baseboard molding, lazy Susan hardware, and some short pieces of pine or other lumber. (Parts not included.)
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