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CGS2100: Computer Fundamentals for Business

CGS2100: Computer Fundamentals for Business
Assignment 4: Microsoft PowerPoint

You must complete Assignments 1 and 2 before you can work on this assignment. If you did not complete assignments 1 and 2, you will need to obtain the desktop and laptop configurations identified in those assignments before completing this assignment.

Background Information: The CEO for your company enjoyed reading the document you created in Microsoft Word for Assignment 1 and the financial analysis you created for Assignment 2, and now would like you to transfer that information to a PowerPoint presentation to present to the Board of Directors.

Content Requirements:

Include a title slide containing your full name, title of presentation (which may or may not be different than the title of your report for Assignment 1), company name, course and lab section number, lab instructor’s name, and the date.

Create a presentation showing the three desktop computer options and the three laptop computer options. For each computer, show the configuration details and explain how the computers will meet the needs of the company

Include the pictures of the six computers from your Word document in the presentation. If necessary, use the Reset Picture command on the PICTURE TOOLS FORMAT tab to remove the picture styles from the pictures.

Copy and paste the two tables from the Word document into the PowerPoint presentation. Each table should be on its own slide.

Copy and paste the tables and three charts from the Excel spreadsheet you created for Assignment 2, and paste them in appropriate places in the PowerPoint presentation.

There is no minimum slide requirement, but your presentation should be complete enough to fulfill all requirements. The content should (in addition to all requirements outlined above):

follow good presentation design principles. Search the web for credible resources that identify guidelines for creating good presentations, and adhere to those guidelines

include one or more slides as the presentation introduction

include slides that show all computers, configuration details, and pictures

Include citations, where appropriate, for content you pull from other sources (please note that Microsoft PowerPoint does not have a REFERENCES tab, so you will need to enter the citations manually)

Add a slide that will contain a SmartArt diagram. The SmartArt diagram will graphically show the proposed timeline for installing the new computers across the entire company. Think about the different departments your company, and install the new computers for one department at a time. Be sure you reserve enough time to back up the information on the old computers, remove the old computers, install the new computers, and transfer the data from the old computer to the new computer.

Include a Works Cited (or Bibliography) slide that lists your sources. These sources most likely will be the same as your sources for Assignment 1. In addition, you should cite the source you used to research good presentation design principles (please note that Microsoft PowerPoint does not have a REFERENCES tab, so you will need to enter the information on this slide manually).  All web references need to be active hyperlinks.

Include a final, closing slide in your presentation wrapping up the presentation. This should appear as the last slide, after the Works Cited/Bibliography slide


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