Likor Base **UPDATED

Likor Base **UPDATED

It was alerted to me that the psd file downloaded wasn't quite right. I think I fixed it!

Something I scribbled up. I wanna see more Likors running around, so I made a base!

Base comes with a wide variety of looks and details! The only thing you need to do it put them together. There may be a need to erase or adjust a few things here or there, but nothing big.

The only features that this base don't include are Legendary and Extinct, as those are both still exclusive. You are also not limited to the features provided in the .psd file- You can make your own! Layers are divided into labeled groups (as well as being labeled themselves) for better sorting.

Likors are a original species made by me!
Here is some more information made by me:

What you can do w/ the base:
Make adopts for money or points
Make your own Likors
Change the lineart as needed
Add your own layers

You MUST credit me if you use the base.
You CANNOT share the base with others to make money off of.
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