Panasonic G7 / GH4 - Gem LUT Pack for Cine-D

Morph Magazine - Gem LUT Pack for Cine-D
Here is our first full pack of unique LUTs, made by Paul @ Morph Magazine.
I hope you enjoy them and get lots of use out of this pack.
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Basic Punch

We have included the Flattener and the Basic Punch LUTs that will further flatten your footage or increase the contrast respectively.
These can be used in combination with your choice of our other LUTs to varied effect.

All LUTs were created for the following Cine-D Preset on a Panasonic G7:

    • Contrast -5

    • Sharpness -3

    • Noise Reduction -5

    • Saturation -3

Our LUTs are made from Panasonic G7 Cine-D profile footage, which should also work on Panasonic GH4, as well as other flat picture profiles on other brands.
A LUT is essentially a color grading preset (with .CUBE file extension).
No Film School has a good article regarding what a LUT file is:
The LUTs were designed to preserve skin tones and colours, so as long as your skin tones were fine to begin with, they should stay that way after applying them.  
(If they are slightly out, be sure to colour correct the skin tones and colours BEFORE using LUTs, otherwise it will just compound the issue.)
LUTs can be used on both PC and Mac with almost all photo and video editing softwares (that support .CUBE extension):

  •  Adobe After Effects (CS4 and +)

  •  Adobe Premiere Pro (CS5 and +)

  •  Adobe Speedgrade

  •  The Foundry NUKE

  •  DaVinci Resolve

  •  Final Cut Pro X

  •  Sony Vegas

  • Hitfilm

  •  Adobe Photoshop (CS6 and +)

  •  and more

For After Effects CS4/CS5 and Premiere CS5/CS6, you need Magic Bullet LUT Buddy (FREE):
For Final Cut Pro X, you need a LUT plugin like this one (FREE):
For Sony Vegas (Pro/Movie Studio), you need this FREE LUT plugin by VisionColor:
I created the LUTs to stay on the conservative side of 'Contrast' so they may appear a little flatter than some, but all you have to do is push the intensity of the application. 
So in Premier Pro CC, you can just turn up Intensity from 100 to more like 175-200 to preference.
How to use in Adobe After Effects:
How to use in Adobe Premiere Pro:
How to use in Final Cut Pro X with LUT Loader:
How to use Magic Bullet LUT Buddy:
The 'Flattener' LUT in the first LUT section if you want a little less contrast, plus it should improve dynamic range of the image overall.
Then in your second LUT section you can apply 'Basic Punch' which should give you a good solid foundation to do more extensive grading on.
We aim to gather more user stock footage and feedback so that our next pack is completely inspired by those of you out there that want to help us craft great LUTs.
More will be coming, so be sure to sign up to our Newsletter to hear about them first!
If you have some questions or any trouble with purchase or use, please contact me at: [email protected]
Enjoy using them and let me know if you use it in any projects, that would be cool!
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