VIDEO - Multiple bands


Now this is another kind of a video that a lot of people have requested!
A multiple band hairstyle is very special, and it is a very practical ponytail that are being rarely seen because (often) the only girls and women who wear that hairstyle are those who has very and extremely long hair, and Alena is no exception of that!

This video and this hairstyle shows so much, and one of the things are this: You know that Alena´s hair is super thick, but now you will really see how incredibly, super thick it is, all the way down to the ends! Very few can beat that!
That multiple band ponytails has to bee some of the heaviest looking heairstyles we have ever seen, which is a really good thing, since hair weight very often is linked with hair health.
Her ponytail literally looks like it weighs several kilograms or many pounds!

When having super long hair, this hairstyle can prevent that girl/woman from getting tangled hair and/or getting her hair stuck in places, and a lot of people really love this hairstyle as well.
It´s not only a practical hairstyle, but also a special, playful hairstyle that surely makes heads turn!

The perfect model for showing this requested hairstyle is of course Alena as she is one of our top models with the longest hair (others would be people like Aliia, which is also a fantastic model).

If you like ponytails, this is for you. If you like special hairstyles, this is for you. If you like Alena, this is for you, and of course; If you like long hair, you guessed it.. It´s for you!

She is getting better and better by the day, and she knows which kind of hairplay you like to see, and which moves are the best, so she is really doig a great job at perfecting this!

This is a great video to have in your collection, and we are very proud to say that this is our first multiple band ponytail video!

This video is over 10 minutes in length.

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