Part 1

Requirements definition is one of the most important parts of any project. As most of the activities that will follow are related to the requirements that were collected and formalized, we can say that any imprecision that takes place during this process can lead to problems down the road to developing the system. In relation to this, answer the following questions:

What are some ways in which you can ensure that the requirements are complete and accurate?
What would you do if you realized that some of the requirements were incorrect?
How could you fix such inaccuracies?
Part 2

The dynamics that are associated with the interaction among different participants participating in a JAD session who are from different hierarchical groups within the company can be difficult to manage. In relation to this, answer the following question:

What techniques should the moderator utilize to promote open sharing of information so that repercussions do not occur between subordinates or colleagues once the meeting is over? Suggest at least two solutions and justify your answers.
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