Linde Electric Reach Truck Type 115-11/12: R10, R12, R14, R16, R20 Operating Instructions

Original Illustrated Factory Operating Instructions (User Manual) for Linde Electric Reach Truck Type 115-11/12.

Original factory manuals for Linde Forklift Trucks, contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate and repair your truck

Covered models:

Format: PDF, 212 Pages, Printable
Language: English

1. Introduction and general description
   Legal requirements for placingonthemarket 
   General description 
2. Safety
   Operator safety guidelines 
   Residual risks 
   In the event of tip-over 
   Noise emission levels
   Frequency characteristic for human body vibrations 
3. Getting to know the truck
   Location of identification plates and labels
   Truck type/capacityplate 
   General view of truck 
   Operating controls and indicators
   Operator’s display 
   Lift height indicator (LHI) 
   Definition of direction of travel
4. Operation
   Running-in instructions 
   Pre-shift checks
   The battery 
   Operator adjustments 
   Braking – twin pedal 
   Braking – single pedal 
   Driving – twinpedal 
   Driving – single pedal
   Operating the mast and attachments (with two joystick control) 
   Operating the mast and attachments (with four joystick control) 
   Handling loads
   Before leaving the truck 
   Cold store cabin
   Ambient temperature cabin 
   360° Steering (Option) 
   Opposite direction steering (Option) 
   Height pre-selector - LPS (option)
   Operator code entry (Option) 
   Data Logger (Option) 
   Truck data management – LFM (Option) 
   Side guidance for drive-in racking 
   Closed circuit television 
5. Maintenance
   Maintenance safety guidelines
   Report of Thorough Examination 
   Covers and cowlings 
   Emergency lower
   Emergency steering andparking brake release 
   Slinging the truck 
   Securing for transportation 
   Jacking the truck 
   Towing procedure 
   Mast unit
   Securing the mast against tilting (Compact version)
   Recommended lubricants 
   Inspection and maintenance data 
   Inspection and maintenance schedule 
   Routine inspection and maintenance 
   Pre-shift checks 
   Inspection and maintenance as required 
   Inspection and maintenance every 1000 hours (250 hours cold store version) 
   Inspection and maintenance every 2000 hours (1000 hours cold store version) 
   Inspection and maintenance every 5000 hours (2500 hours cold store version) 
   Inspection and maintenance every 10000 hours or 5 years, whichever is earlier (5000
   hour or 30 months cold store version) 
   Inspection and maintenance as required 
   Clean the truck 
   Check the battery electrolyte level and specific gravity 
   Lubricate the lift chains and mast channels 
   Adjust the lift chains 
   Replace the hydraulic hosesandpipes 
   Check the drive wheel nuts
   Replace the battery trolley slides 
   1000 hr Inspection and maintenance (250 hr cold store) 
   Check the condition and security of the wheels and tyres 
   Check the condition of the battery and battery cables
   Check the condition and security of electrical connections and cables 
   Check the parking brake gap   
   Check the hydraulic hoses and pipes for damage 
   Check the lift chains forcondition and security 
   Lubricate the mast, mast rollers, lift chains and chain pulleys 
   Lubricate the mast hose pulley assemblies (coldstoreonly) 
   Lubricate the reach channels and rollers   
   Check and lubricate the battery trolley slides and associated mechanism 
   Check the hydraulic oil level 
   Lubricate the fork carriage and sideshift slider pad 
   Check and lubricate the sideshift mechanism (Option on compact version) 
   Check the pre-tension of the double hoses (Compact version)  
   Lubricate the mast pivots (Compactversion) 
   Check the mast securing bolts (Compactversion) 
   Check condition of side guide rollers (option)
   Lubricate cold storecab hinges and door latch (option) 
   2000 hr Inspection and maintenance (1000 hr cold store)
   Check the brake fluid level 
   Check the load wheel brake shoes for wear 
   5000 hr Inspection and maintenance (2500 hr cold store)
   Grease the load wheel bearings 
   Check condition of brake pipes
   Change the hydraulic oil and suction filter 
   10000 hr Inspection and maintenance (5000 hr cold store)
   Change the brake fluid 
   Taking the truck out of operation 
   Decommissioning the truck 
6. Technical data
   Battery data
   Technical data – 14 tonne capacity 
   Technical data – 14 tonne capacity (heavy duty) 
   Technical data – 14 tonne capacity (narrow chassis)
   Technical data – 16 tonne capacity 
   Technical data – 16 tonne capacity (heavy duty) 
   Technical data – 16 tonne capacity (narrow chassis)
   Technical data – 20 tonne capacity 
   Technical data – 20 tonne capacity (narrow chassis)
   Mast variations 
   Dimensions (compact version) 
   Technical data – 10 tonne capacity (compact version) 
   Technical data – 12tonne capacity (compact version) 
   Technical data – 14 tonne capacity (compact version) 
   Mast variations (compact version)
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