Sad Puppies Review Books

In 2015, the world of science fiction and fantasy literature was gently rocked by a campaign calling themselves (seriously) "The Sad Puppies". With a stated purpose of returning SF/F to the days where you could judge a book by its cover and a desire to make the experience of reading any book as predictable as that of eating a bowl of your favorite cereal, the Sad Puppies sought to wrest control of the venerable Hugo Awards away from the larger literary fandom. They failed spectacularly, but along the way they inspired lots of laughs, including the popular "Sad Puppies Review Books" feature by internet author and satirist Alexandra Erin. Using the device of a disgruntled red pill-swallowing man-child reading sinister Social Justice messages into childhood favorites like "The Monster at the End of this Book" and "Make Way For Ducklings", Sad Puppies Review Books contains all the original reviews attributed to Mr. John Z. Upjohn (USMC, Aspired) and his publisher Theophilus Pratt, as well as four entirely new, never-before-seen ones for seventeen reviews total! Included formats: EPUB, MOBI, HTML,and PDF. MOBI is compatible with Amazon Kindle brand e-readers and apps. EPUB is compatible with most other e-book devices. HTML can be read in any browser and PDF can be read in most browsers and devices. All formats are included for the same great price!
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